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All Around Me I See

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All Around Me, I See (Sharing Nature with Children Book)
by Laya Steinberg, (Author), Cris Arbo (Illustrator)
Reading level: Ages 4-8 Hardcover: 32 pages 
Publisher: Dawn Publications (CA)  

With eyes wide open to the mysteries of nature, a child on a hike discovers that "a leaf is a boat for a beetle" and that "a nest is a cradle for eggs." 

Tired from her long walk, she sleeps-and in her dream she flies like a bird and marvels at the beauty around her. 
This planet that is home to so many creatures is magical when seen through the eyes of wonder.

Also published in Chinese.


Selected for Bank Street's "Best Children's Books Of The Year"


- From Glenn Perrett, Metroland, North, Canada -
"Beautiful illustrations complement the simple text providing the young reader with a glimpse of the natural beauty of the planet."


- From Arizona Networking News, Editor's Choice, Scottsdale, AZ -
"This is the exuberant tale of a child's first nature discoveries... celebrated in a realistic fantasy of nature from a child's point of view."


- From OC Family Magazine, Newport Beach, CA - 
"The beautiful illustrations convey the sense of wonder that an innocent child has when beholding the world." - Craig Reem


- From New Age Retailer's National Review Network, Bellingham, WA - 
"The bold colors, sharp detail, and active illustrations are captivating.... The book is recommended for children ages 3 to 8. However, both adults and children will enjoy it. Place it face front, and watch people pick it up!" - Jean E. Hansgen


- From Church Educator, Prescott, AZ - 
"All Around Me, I See is to see from a child's point of view, fresh and new.... this is truly a book that belongs in the hands of those who love and care for God's creation.


- From Parents' Express, Philadelphia, PA - 
"Save this picture book for a read aloud treat on a quiet summer night... The pictures are as lush as the rhymes are; readers and listeners will easily be lulled into the proper mood." - Bobbie Combs


- From Learning Explorations, Dayton, Ohio, - 
"This book captures the eye, mind, and imagination - and you feel that exuberant joy of childhood" - Barbara Geiger, President


- From The Center For Place-Based Education, Keene, NH -
"Immersed in a child's eye view of the world, the reader feels the child's joy in nature..." 
- Prof. David Sobel, Co-Director


- From Library Media Connection, Worthington, OH - 
"The words match the pictures, which are beautifully reflective of nature, with vibrant colors and realistically portraying the animals and child's family.... The pictures alone could be used as a teaching tool to learn about animals' habitats and the wonders of nature."


- From, Westport, CT - 
"Illustrator Cris Arbo truly captivates with her colorful artwork, and evokes the emotions of childhood delight. Her techniques of fantasy realism portray the child's eye view with magic and vitality."

All Around Me I See  Chinese.jpg

from the Chinese edition

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