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Earth Heroes:

Champions Of The Ocean

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Earth Heroes: Champions of the Ocean 
by Fran Hodgkins (Author), Cris Arbo (Illustrator)
Reading level: Ages 10-14
Paperback: 144 pages
Publisher: Dawn Publications (CA)

(an accelerated reader title)

Eight curious, passionate young people grew up to change the way we look at Earth's last frontier -- the ocean. William Beebe descended into the inky depths and discovered fish that make light! Jacques Cousteau invented SCUBA gear and brought the sea to the people, via television. 
"The Shark Lady," Eugenie Clark, discovered that sharks aren't quite monsters. Each of the eight made a unique contribution. This is a very personal look at their lives and leadership.

  • Smithsonian Magazine Notable Books For Children

  • LA's Green Book Festival Honorable Mention (biography)

  • Disney's iParenting Media Award

  • Nashville Book Festival Honorable Mention (non-fiction)

  • New England Book Festival Honorable Mention (non-fiction)

  • Mom's Choice Award, Gold

  • Missouri State Teachers Association Reading Circle Program


"In addition to introducing us to some remarkable 'oceanauts' like my father Jacques Cousteau, this book takes us on a journey of their lives through engaging stories about how they became who they are and why. It's a reminder that everyone has a contribution to make to improve the world just by being themselves."
- Jean-Michel Cousteau, Founder, Ocean Futures Society.

"The stories of these scientists and explorers can inspire young people to become stewards of our ocean planet - as they have inspired me. I count several of these ocean heroes as friends; their passionate commitment to healthy oceans offers us all hope for the future." 
- Julie Packard, Executive Director, Monterey Bay Aquarium

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