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School Visits

* * * DAWN PUBLICATIONS offers a 40% discount to schools when Cris visits * * *

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Elementary Schools: For younger children, I place a special emphasis on the joys and challenges of being an artist by concentrating on the step-by-step phases of illustrating a children's picture book. 

School Formats are based on a full-day visit and include classroom sessions from 30 - 90 minutes in length. Although I do present to large groups, I prefer a more intimate setting of 50-70 kids so they can have a hands-on experience. 


I show sketches, drawings, original paintings and models up close, and also do a question & answer-type approach to keep them involved.

For older audiences, I go further into the nuts and bolts of being a freelance artist.


“Our teachers and students continued to talk about you and your books and presentations all the next day. They loved it!”
-- Dee Griffith, Library Media Specialist, Mountain View Elementary, Purcellville, VA

-- Beverly Jones, Instructional Coach, Mecklenburg County Public Schools, VA 

"They loved it! You were wonderful to all groups. The teachers were excited and very complimentary." 
-- Ann Peltier, Reading Specialist, Edward G. Clymore Elementary, Fort Defiance, VA

"Wonderful! Everyone enjoyed the presentation!" 
-- Elaine Eberly, Reading Specialist, Verona Elementary, Verona, VA

"Your visit was a great success. Our students enjoyed seeing your beautiful illustrations up close and in detail, and then being able to connect them with the sample books you provided. You showed them exactly how your art has evolved from childhood to adulthood, from sketches and models to finished product, in a fascinating and entertaining way. They GOT it, and we loved it!" 
-- Nancy Segal, Library Assistant, A.M. Davis Elementary, Richmond, VA

"Cris Arbo presented a vibrant and educational program for our students... I highly recommend (her) as a presenter to elementary students." 
-- Diane Langston, Librarian, Amelia County Elementary, Amelia, VA

"You are an incredible speaker. Your love of art and illustrating shows through your excitement and enthusiasm." 
-- Rhonda Johnson, Coordinator, Jefferson-Madison Regional Library System In-Service Day, Charlottesville, VA 

"The kids loved you!" 
-Regina Hart, Pocahontas Elementary, Powahatan, VA 

"A great job. (The visit) was so enjoyable and informative." 
-- Diane Lawson, Grandin Court Elementary, Roanoke, VA 

"Your talks were truly inspiring." 
-- Susan Guerrant, Art Teacher, Sutherland Middle School, Charlottesville, VA

"You did such a great job exciting the teachers about your book, and your behind-the-scenes discussion about illustration was fascinating." 
-- Lisa Kilczewski, Barnes & Noble Educator Night, Virginia Beach, VA 

"The students especially appreciated your thoughtful consideration of their many questions." 
-- Christine Bachmann, Media Specialist, Marguerite Christian Elementary School, Colonial Heights, VA

 "What a treat"
 -- Terry Cox-Joseph, Coordinator, Christopher Newport University Writers Conference, Newport News, VA


Professional Fee

Q&A presentation with a big screen is okay for adults, but I don't want the kids to feel like they're watching a movie or TV. I want to keep it real.

I choose to keep my fee reasonable in consideration of those schools who otherwise might not be able to afford a visit under these current economic conditions. A good way for a school to share travel expenses is to team up with other area schools for a several-day visit. 

The Professional Fee is $500 per day, plus mileage. For locations farther from Buckingham Courthouse than 80 miles add hotel expenses.

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